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"Maybe you can't change the world by saving one horse, but you can change the whole world for the horse that you save." 


 Rescue and Rehabilitation Program in Abu Dhabi


One of the happiest days of our lives began with an exciting journey. Our road ran through almost all the cities of the Emirates. The mood was good, and we easily crossed four cities. The Sands of the Arabian desert changed their color like glass in a kaleidoscope. It was time for a stop. The day was the weekend and there were almost no free Parking spaces for our car. We spun, spun until we found a place near the corral for horses, goats, and cows. The name of the store alerted us and pushed us to go inside. We looked at the horses with sadness and bewilderment.


The grey horse more than the rest struck us. Its an entire body was covered with fresh wounds. Large chunks of skin were torn from his head and thigh. At the bottom on the front feet were black quadrilaterals skin, without any hair on. The seller explained to us that this horse had previously had a leg injury and was given extreme treatment.


We asked to show how this horse moves but were refused, due to its temper; all were afraid to approach or ride it. The horse was aggressive and did not allow the person to come close. When we approached this horse, we saw intelligent and very sad eyes. They were black eyes with long white lashes.

We canceled our plans, agreed with the car to transport the horse, signed a contract with the equestrian club, and on the same day in the evening the horse was already in the new stable.


Under such strange circumstances, we met our first and unique horse. We changed his name to Noble in the hope that his new life would be happier.

The work of this equestrian club was organized the way that we had to treat, care for and rehabilitate the horse by ourselves. There was not a single person in the club who could give us a bit of advice on rehabilitation and training.

But our main struggle for Noble’s life and health began a month later when clubs farrier for the second time changed shoes for our horse. The farrier has placed smaller size shoes, which resulted in a lameness on his front right leg. We asked the stable manager to contact the farrier in order to take off the shoes. But, in the end, we did not manage to find out who did it, but the shoes were ripped off together with the hoof wall. As a result, the horse could not walk. That’s when the hell started for us.


We called a specialist from the Equine Hospital. After patting the horse on the rump with a hand, the veterinarian stated a diagnose - diabetes and Cushing's syndrome informing that Noble will need to take medications everyday for the rest of his life. In addition, x-rays of the front hooves showed 1 degree of the laminatis. The horse was prescribed treatment and veterinarian scheduled another appointment in three weeks. In order for the result of the treatment to be more productive it was decided to combine the arrival of the farrier and the vet. Farrier has taken way too much of the sole, cut off the toe, and engraved a terrible line across the hoof. Realizing that we are new to the equestrian world, for two front shoes we were charged $465. After the wrong diagnosis and false treatments, the horse received a new diagnosis – sinking of the coffin bone. At the end of the visit, the veterinarian suggested to put the horse to sleep.


We were very lucky to meet our current farrier, Robert. Robert advised us to remove the shoes, and instead use special hoof boots. Noble got the opportunity to walk and run again! It took more than two years to recover him, but Noble’s life improved. Now he trusts people, willingly communicates with a person, especially loves children. He is intelligent, inquisitive, responsible, and loyal. His life has changed completely just the way ours has. We got more friends, returned to the world of sports, became more active, feel much younger, and began to laugh more. So, the question is who saved whom?

In October 2018th our friend has brought two rescued horses to the ranch. They were starved. One of the horses is 27 years old and was dehydrated and had severe dental issues. The second horse is 13 years old but has laminities of 16 degrees due to his previous overwork in the stable,where he used to train in the desert for 10 hours a day. For one person, who absolutely has no experience in rehabilitating horses, is very difficult to recover horse’s health. This is how the idea of organizing a rehabilitation center for forgotten horses was born. 

Our equines come to us starving, abused, scared and with broken spirits. We feel privileged to be able to give our rescued horses a second chance at life with the dignity and respect they deserve.


We would like to sincerely thank Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies for being so kind to support our rescues with premium horse feed during summer 2019, 2021. We are so grateful for this contribution to be able to continue to provide the best nutrition for our horses.
Cavalos offers a variety of Reverdy horse feeds to match the nutritional needs of every horse. Such options help us rehabilitate and provide ongoing nutritional care to horses at varying stages of recuperation. 
Thank you Cavalos for your continued support!!


Our mission is to educate the community about the value, benefits, and life-changing gifts horses can provide to all of us while simultaneously providing assistance to equines in need.


We believe that every horse has the right to a happy and healthy life, free of fear and neglect. We find abused, neglected, unwanted and slaughter equines across the UAE. We rehabilitate these horses (mentally, emotionally and physically) and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary in the stable.


But we can't do it alone.


You can help us dramatically improve the life of a rescued animal by joining our charity rides. 


To help horses that come from unfortunate circumstances be "Free to Live Again!" through rescue, rehabilitation, re-training, and if possible re-homing.

To maximize the mental, emotional and physical health of all equines. 

To provide compatible, permanent homes for all equines.

To assist equine owners in times of natural or personal disaster. 

To provide a natural, herd-based living environment offering safety, health enhancement, companionship, and play.


To follow the philosophy, principles, and techniques of various "natural horsemanship" practitioners with the horses that come through the rescue because we believe it is the best way to become a better horse person and establish trust, leadership, and respect with our four-legged friends in a way that they understand.

To be respectful and professional in our working relationships with each other, visitors, the public and other organizations.


To work together within and outside Horse&Hound in the best interest of equines and canines.

To provide comprehensive educational opportunities.

To be transparent and honest



The love and compassion have always been there... in all of us. It just took a little of faith, the right hearts being paired, the initial finances and ultimately the manpower to make it happen. Due to the growing need and a less than perfect economy we are finding more and more horses in need. However, we are limited by the number we can house due to harsh long summers that we have. Could we house more under the current circumstances? Of course. We could take in a few more but we are concerned with providing the very best safe situation for those rescued. Our vision, our passion, our dream, and a goal is that we will build indoor stabling to provide more comfortable housing and to save many more lives. Our intention is to continue rescuing, educating and advocating for horses on as many levels as possible... We are confident it will happen in the coming months.

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